Make your parties sparkle!

party girls

OMG…I absolutely *love* conducting readings at parties! 

These are some of the best reading events ever for me.  I have been both “front and center” for all party guests as I give intuitive/psychic readings, and I’ve also been positioned off to the side in a private area for one-on-one readings.  These events truly sparkle!

If you are hosting a get-together for both men and women, a bachelorette party, an intimate “just us girls” party or a corporate event that includes all kinds of folks, it would be my pleasure to attend and give readings to your guests!

Please know that party readings are always upbeat and inspiring. Everybody walks away feeling uplifted and positive. This is actually the true essence of Personal Prophesy readings,  the readings I conduct using an ordinary deck of playing cards.

Readings never fail to encompass the true potential of our lives.  No one is ever condemned to live a life of doom and gloom – there is always an amazing light at the end of that dark tunnel.

Invite me and I will add some serious *sparkle* to your parties.  I can even come in costume if you ask me to!

My party rates are extremely reasonable…call me to get a quote!

Phone me at: 757-779-7592.

I will travel within a certain radius outside of the Hampton Roads area.  I’m also available via Skype if you are in a distant location.

Let’s make your gathering SPARKLE!


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