Private appointments are always available with me

Deborah Leigh lounging on her office love seatI invite you to join me in my comfortable, cozy office at the Healing Fountain for Personal Prophesy readings and amazing empowerment every step of the way!

When you come to the Healing Fountain for your appointment, I will meet you in the foyer and walk with you to my office.

If you are coming to me for an email, phone or video chat reading, I will make you feel comfortable and at ease right from the start.

As we prepare for your reading, we’ll engage in some warm, friendly, casual chit-chat as I explain the Personal Prophesy method and what it’s capable of offering you in the way of intuitive/psychic insight to help you navigate your life toward true love, success and lasting fulfilment.

You’ll share with me information about your life – information that is always held in strict confidence – to enable me to feel a sense of familiarity about you as I begin to conduct your reading.

The reading process is highly interactive.  I don’t simply pronounce perceptions about you and your life from the cards at random; rather, we work together as a unified force to determine the best path for you to take in terms of the future as a result of your reading.

This is what makes Personal Prophesy readings so empowering and life changing!

We’re able to perceive the future in advance and literally *improve* it while still living in the present!

That’s some pretty powerful stuff we’re talking about here:   Consciously improving the future with empowerment before we’ve even lived it.

You know what that means, don’t you? 

  • We can make the relationships we cherish and hold most dear to us that much better for the future.
  • We can realistically perceive the career paths we are taking and empower ourselves to achieve our deepest dreams in terms of success and fulfillment.
  • We can gain intensely meaningful insight about our lives and those who impact our existence with a higher degree of understanding.
  • We can see – truly see – that our lives aren’t without purpose, that we have an important calling in the lives we’re living, due to the tremendous amount of potential perceived from the cards.

Remember:  I have been conducting readings for the last three decades.  I have yet to see anyone fail as a result of those many years of readings from the insight they received.

Arrange a reading with me – I promise you won’t be disappointed!

I give readings at the Healing Fountain in Virginia Beach by appointment.  If you are local, please call 757-779-7592 to arrange an appointment.

If you are out of the Hampton Roads area, please visit my commercial website, to arrange an email/phone reading with me.

ALL readings and anything we discuss before, during and after readings is always held in strict confidence.

Please get in touch – this method of perceiving our lives in ordinary playing cards will astound, enlighten and inspire you in ways you can’t possibly imagine!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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