Deborah Leigh sitting at her desk at the Healing Fountain


I’m Deborah Leigh, the dynamic intuitive life coach at the Healing Fountain in Virginia Beach.

I’m also the only living subject matter expert for the Personal Prophesy method that I use in my work with clients in my office at the Healing Fountain in Virginia Beach and via the internet through my website,

My book “The Message” was published by O Books in 2008 which illustrates this method step by step for those who want to become expert navigators intuitively in terms of their lives.

I invite you to explore this website to consider the possibilities for your life and your future in terms of achieving the love, happiness and success you dream of for yourself.

So much of what we yearn for is attainable!

It’s simply a matter of putting these precious hopes and dreams into motion and making them become serious realities for ourselves.  With my guidance and support,  I’ll help you achieve those dreams while also helping you navigate challenging situations in your life at present.

By engaging my help:

You’ll learn how to utilize Choice and Change as viable tools in your daily life, how to bring true empowerment to your life.  And perhaps most importantly, how to heal yourself of past painful wounds that lead to meaningful understanding for the future.

Those of you who are engulfed in suffering  or deep despair:

I will walk your walk with you to help lead you out of the darkness you are currently experiencing to enable you to see the brilliant, hope-filled light at the end of the tunnel you now find yourself lost in.  Miraculous?  Yes, Personal Prophesy is on all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual.

Please Contact Me to arrange a private, confidential session where we will together explore the great potential your life offers.  I’ll be with you every step of the way!

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